From ordering to the completion of work

From ordering to the completion of work

1.Request of service

Please call 042-703-6211

2. Initial hearing

Please submit the list of subject equipment. We provide the best service menu for you.


All the accessories and unwanted items shall be properly processed as (bulk) junk for recycling.


Please read a quotation and TES-AMM’s Service Rules, carefully. The order would become effective by signing or fixing the chop onto the quotation.


We’ll contact you with the possible collection dates and also identify the necessity of admission application and parking rules. Cancellation within 5 days before the collection date would be subject to the cancellation charge.


With customer’s presence, count the number of subject equipment and obtain the signature from customer on the receipt、 which contains the exact quantity of the equipment. Please note that the equipment, which has been collected, can not be returned in principal. Do not mix up with junk in any case.


Completion of the process is estimated at most 20 days after loading. We may ask for some extension period depends on the working process.


Audit report and various certificates would be provided by e-mail.



After receipt and inspection, please make a payment

Applicable Media

  • SSD
  • hard disks
  • SD Cards
  • USB memory sticks
  • floppy disks
  • MO disks
  • open reel tapes
  • zip
  • compact flash cards

Please consult with us if the media is not on the above list.

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