Why TES ?

The reason that we, TES, has been appointed by many corporations

On-site data erasure service

We provide a service that we visit the customer’s site and perform the erasure of data without carrying customer’s equipment out of customer’s place.
Please utilize this service when you need to erase the data、 which is contained by certain equipment and such equipment can not be moved because of the office regulations.
It is possible to physically destroy the broken hard disks by one of the following three methods, namely, perforation, degaussing and shredding.
Personal computers are without a doubt, servers, storages, smart phones and tablets can be subject to the data erasure service.
Also, simple data erasure can be performed on the lease-up equipment when it is returned to the leasing company.

Coexistence of both redistribution of profits to the customer and lessen the environmental burden.

TES is managing the recycle process, which is properly suited for the condition of wastes.
After inspecting the conditions of equipment, we, firstly, consider the reuse of it and demanufacture by hand even in case of abandonment to discover the value by every part and material.

Therefore, we purchase the equipment for the sake of redistribution of the profit to the customer under the circumstance that the disposal cost is charged by the ordinary waste-disposal service vender.
And even the scrap material would be brought to the HQ in Singapore where those scraps are dissolved and recycled and we achieved the ‘0 Landfill’ as a result. TES is attempting to lessen the environmental burden and to prevent the environment from pollution.

Assured Security

We assure the security of the facility, which temporarily stores the customer’s precious data.
37 CCTV Monitoring (24 hours, 365 days), Access Management System, Hiring Private Security Service and a resident guard will protect customer’s precious data.



We provide the report of result of data erasure by every hard disk and such report can be also provided in English.

  • AUDIT REPORT: Inventory Record of all equipment and material
  • BLANCCO DATA ERASURE REPORT : Certificate of data erasure of hard disk
  • DATA DESTRUCTION RECORD : Detailed report of data destruction
  • PICTURES OF HDD(Before & After): Photos of destructed HDD

English capability as well as global capability

We have English capabilities in handling the service explanation to the corporate executives, consultation of process and preparation of report.

Our global coverage of over 22 countries and more than 30 locations can provide the same and the swift services to the customer’s subsidiaries.
Each subsidiaries is not necessary to locate the reliable waste-disposal service vender and the instruction can be give in the same manner, within relatively short time frame, which results saving of precious time and cost of customer’s by means of this.


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