We’ll match to whatever your needs to erase and destroy the data.

On-site data erasure

TES is evolving to ensure the prevention of data leakage through media destruction service. We visit our customer’s site for data erasure and destruction as well as our off-site service.

Certificate of data destruction and the final report are the important documents which will be necessary for compliance and audit. We’ll make our utmost effort to fulfill the customer’s requirement of recording and reporting needs in any standard.

Select fro following 3 services

TES is providing 3 data erasure services, namely overwrite erasure, physical destruction and degaussing.
You may select the one, which is most suitable to the subject equipment and the contents to be erased.

Overwrite erasure

Use the overwrite software for erasure. TES selected blancco, which has been sold more than 60 million licenses and received a worldwide reputation.

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Physical destruction

Personal computer, which has a difficulty such as it can not be turned on, would be subject to the physical destruction of its HDD. Perforation and USA style V shaped destruction are available.

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Same as physical destruction, this method is for those personal computers, which can not be turned on hence the data erasure software can not work on it. Magnetic tapes and cartridge tapes can be also erased.

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