Issuance of Certificate of Data Erasure(Evidence)

Issuance of Certificate of Data Erasure(Evidence)

International Standard Treatment Process

Customer’s Data will be erased with the process which is in accordance with the security standard to be matched to NIST etc.

Software which gains global recognition

We employ the highly reliable software which gains the product approval from 5 EU countries, NATO, TUV, etc.

Certificate of Data Erasure

Multi HDD Wiping System

TES introduced New Wiping Machine named ‘Multi HDD Wiping System’ in the summer 2016.


  • Consolidated inspection/erasure of multiple HDD
  • Maximum 40 HDDs can be inspected and erased, concurrently
  • Handy and suitable for the on-site work.
  • Overwrite in accordance with NIST 880-88 standard.
  • Manage an isolated setting of each port, materialize the high-speed data wiping and various inspection of HDD.
  • Materialize the maximum 36GB/minute data transfer.
  • Capable of SAS/FC interface as well as SATA

Provide the certificate of Data Erasure as a report

  • Indication of HDD’s spec/model/serial No./capacity

Corresponding interfaces

  • SATA
  • SAS
  • FC(Fiber Channel)

※Please consult with us of other interfaces
HDD Type

  • SSD
  • HDD

Evidence, highly reliable SW Spec.

TES performs the on-site data erasure service with Blancco data wiping software under various situations. Bringing in the exclusive tool for the data erasure and process it in front of the customer then return the equipment back to the customer. On-site data erasure service takes the risk of data leakage into consideration when the date is transferred and/or equipment is carried away.


No. 1 in the international market share and most reliable data wiping software.
The hidden area such as Remapped Sectors, HPA(Host Protected Area) and DCO(Device Configuration Overlay) on HDD can be safely erased in conformity of NIST 880-88 (National Institute of Standards and Technology) standard.



Data storage media is making an emerging progress in capacity, particularly the SDD is rapidly adopted to the market. The SDD is operated electrically as being a flash-based storage media, which is different from HDD, requires more sophisticated method of erasure, however, the Blancco will capable of erasing data in SDD, safely, securely and effectively.

Server Storage
Evade the RAID setting and concurrent data erasure for the *HDDs can be possible. Hence the effective data erasure can be performed on large scale server environment.

※some device can not be coped with, however we will provide a different method and equipment to ensure the erasure.


Cyber Security Insurance

TES is always taking cautious steps to ensure the safety of preventing customer’s confidential information from leakage. In case of the occurrence of the potential incidents, TES joined to the Cyber Security Insurance (Insurance Limit US$2,000,000. per incident), which unable TES to make sure of its responsibility to recover from the damage of individual or corporate information leakage, falsification and damage caused by computer viruses.