FAQ regarding data erasure service

On-site service

Service area ?
All domestic Japan
Charges ?
Refer to the page of Charge, Terms and Business Area
Media ?
SSD, HDD, CD/DVD, SD Card, USB Memory, Floppy Disk etc.
Please see.Please consult with us if the media is not listed as above.


Term of data erasure ?
about 3 weeks form the receipt of equipment.
Minimum number of purchase ?
10 units/place. Cost of 10 units are required if the number is less than 10.
Is it possible to purchase leased/rented items ?
No. You have to own it.However, purchase is possible if the ownership would be transferred under the lease agreement.
What type of deliverable (report) is provided at purchase service (standard, off-site) ?
Certificate of Disposal and the report (with equipment info. and purchase price).
Can you provide the same service other than Japan ?
Yes, we can. We are the global company. Please contact us for the details.
Collection of ICT equipment to be purchased covers all domestic Japan ?
Yes, please consult with us, since the cooperation and coordination is required with respect to the timing of collection which depends on the quantity, heavy items and location like remote-area or remote island. Service charge is subject to change in case of the collection from the remote island.